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Student nearly lynched by Watchdog C’ttee members while returning from evening classes

A 17- year-old form three pupil at Breman Nwomaso in the Central Region has escaped death after the Community’s watchdog Committee members nearly lynched him while returning from evening classes around 10pm.

According to the victim, he and his colleagues were returning from evening classes when they met over ten Community’s watchdog members wielding guns, cutlasses, catapult and pepper spray, which got his friends terrified and they run away.

He told Kasapa News Yaw Boagyan in an interview that said since they were returning from evening classes, he decided to explain to them where they were coming from since he knows them but they rather held him and gave him six slaps.

They dragged and tied him on a light pole with about five different ropes.

He said, after they fired warning shots, they used the back of the cutlass to beat him, stripped him naked and gave him several stokes with sticks.

According to him, he collapsed and the next thing he saw was that he was on a bed at the Our Lady of Grace Government Hospital at Breman Asikuma receiving treatment.

Checks on his body revealed many marks of assault on his buttocks, leg, hands and his back.

Meanwhile, the Mother of the victim, Abena Kenkeba said his son is really suffering as he cannot sleep at night due to severe body pains.

She claimed the watchdogs committee members after tying her son on a pole and beating him till daybreak, collected from her an amount of GH¢50 before releasing him.

“I think my son was already on their wanted list for no apparent reason. Because I don’t understand why he should be beaten mercilessly when  he has not committed any crime.” She added.

The matter has been reported to the Breman Asikuma Police Custody for investigation.

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