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The System In Ghana Compels Married Men To Have Girlfriends-Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta Says

The Minister of Finance in Ghana, Ken Ofori Atta has assessed that the system in Ghana in present times mostly gives married men the mandate to have multiple affairs outside their marriages.
Marriage used to be the most valued bond until the emergence of a group of single ladies named “side chics” who only aim at sharing other people’s husbands with them.

Side chics have become more essential than wives and others have discovered its essence and are willing to go to any length to see it through, reasoning that it is a necessary evil that will relieve them of a certain weight.

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According to the Finance Minister, men have found more compelling reasons to have girlfriends outside their marriages due to the system in Ghana.

While speaking at a forum, Ken Ofori Atta provided a solution to this problem by saying that the rise in the level side chics in the country can be reduced only if husbands are able to see their wives as their girlfriends and give them the same treatment they would give to their girlfriends.
In other news, beautiful Ghanaians social media personality cum actress, Andrea Owusu, well known as Efia Odo has revealed her intention to have her first child anytime soon because she is not getting any younger.

Efia Odo who recently launched a reality show named “My African Love” in the USA seeking to find the man of her dreams whom she can settle down with for a longer period revealed that she feels she is not getting any younger, thus she needs to start planning reproduction.

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