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Twitter users debate content of Black Sherif’s ‘Kwaku The Traveller’ video

In other scenes, Black Sherif and his friends are chased by the Police and were later arrested.

Some people on Twitter since the video’s release on Thursday, have been debating the concept portrayed in the film.

Others are arguing whether or not the video’s concept relates to the message in the songs.

I have watched #kwakuTheTraveller music video, even though good cast but didn’t meet my expectation because of the story line the music tells.

— Gideon Boamah-Dumase (@GDumase) May 20, 2022

I think the #KwakuTheTraveller music video has by far the best concept I’ve seen in a Ghanaian music video.

Let me try and explain why…

— The Anglo Ewe Boy (@1dela_dem) May 20, 2022

He sets out to seek the path to his destiny by consulting (scene where he enters the room to women clad in red) From there, most of the scenes and visualizations that occur ( image distortions et al) represent he #KwakuTheTraveller seeing his destiny before him.

— The Anglo Ewe Boy (@1dela_dem) May 20, 2022

The scene where he’s on the treadmill represents some things which I’ll try to breakdown.a.

They live a lie to cover up.

— The Anglo Ewe Boy (@1dela_dem) May 20, 2022


He missed his bride (what we can term as society’s ideal measure of success).

— The Anglo Ewe Boy (@1dela_dem) May 20, 2022

#KwakuTheTraveller “travels” through choices and phases of life to make a full journey of living a fulfilled life or otherwise depending on where you choose to look at it from.

— The Anglo Ewe Boy (@1dela_dem) May 20, 2022

This #kwakuTheTraveller video is deeply laced with metaphors, euphemisms, and a great deal of symbolism.it’s just perfect mhennn!

— Efe Moxie (@Efe_Moxie) May 20, 2022

Did you just say the music video got a storyline??

Where does it start from 😳#kwakuTheTraveller

— Sinless Productions On YT (@AceKhyd) May 20, 2022

The video was in reverse guys.

This is total rubbish and to me the director did a bad job.

— DOOZY (@DangalesYoung) May 19, 2022

All those trashing #kwakuTheTraveller video should site their dumb azz down and watch the video again, this is not just a music video it’s a full movie, if u no go School u no go understand pic.twitter.com/ZvPC1mRSkp

— Girls Mirror 🇬🇭 (@favourblinz) May 19, 2022

I don’t know if some peeps were expecting Black Sherif to walk from Ghana to Antarctica… come on guys @Davidnicolsey did a great job with the visuals!


— Dennis Slymm (@Dennis_slymm) May 20, 2022

The fork in #kwakuTheTraveller video though, no tv station will need to censor that part of the song

— DHAMIE ON STARR FM (@OnlyDhamie_) May 20, 2022

Lol see everyone had a concept of how #kwakuTheTraveller videos supposed to go and now they are seeing 👀 not the everyday Ghanaian looking music video.

— NanaYaw ShyBoi🙈📸 🇬🇭 (@nanayawshyboi) May 20, 2022

#KwakuTheTraveller video diɛɛɛ no force to understand storyline oo.

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