UTAG-UEW Update: Lectures to Commence on 28th February, 2022 UEW Students

UTAG-UEW Update: Lectures Commenced 28th February, 2022 UEW Students

Concerning the decision which was taken by the UEW UTAG members on not to suspend their strike action and go back to class, the registrar of the University of Education Winneba has been served a letter on the need to go by the decision taken by the NEC despite the vote against the decision by the lecturers.

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You’re therefore been noticed that lectures will commence on Monday, 28th of February, 2022.

NB: that the timetable for the semester will be released soon.

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Our Ref: SRC/P.R.O/21-22/007

26th February, 2022


Greetings to you all. The council hope this communique finds you in good health.

  1. You would recall that the UEW-UTAG withdrew teaching and its related activities om 10th January, 2022.
  2. On Friday, 25th February, the SRC received a copy of a letter that is addressed tommthr Registrar on the suspension of the said strike action.
  3. Due to the suspension of the trike action as contained in the said letter, lecturers are supposed to be in class for academic activities from Monday 28th February, 2022.
  4. Note also that, from that same letter, the suspension of the strike ends om 4th March, 2022 where final decision would be made: whether to continue the strike action or otherwise, pending a decision by the 15 UTAG branches.
  5. Its our hope that there is a positive outcome before the 4th March so that the lecturers would not have to continue with the strike action.
  6. Students are to take note of the above and act accordingly.
  7. Thank You.


Shadrack Appiah




SRC President

SRC Local Assembly



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