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Vida Adutwumwaa expresses disappointment in McBrown over urgency to address rumours

Entertainment pundit and Public Relations Officer for 3Music Awards, Vida Adutwumwaa Boateng, has expressed disappointment in Nana Ama McBrown for hurriedly refuting rumours she [McBrown] had given birth to twins.

Speaking on Bloggers’ Forum on GhanaWeb TV, Vida was of the opinion that the United Showbiz host should know the tricks in the showbiz industry and apply them effectively for growth.

“Nana Ama has been in the game for two decades and she knows what this job is like. These are things she should expect and I don’t see the big deal about how surprising the news is. Some people pay bloggers to peddle lies about them to grow their brands.

“It is acceptable that you don’t go that way and this is not coming from your camp. It was clear that some other media persons were behind this to get the traffic onto their sites,” she said as she stressed that the rumour did not in any way dent McBrown’s image to have warranted a clarification.

“She said she had to come out and speak because of her loved ones. I believe that if it’s for her loved ones she came out to speak to, then she could have reached them on phone or those who called her; she could have told them that it’s not true or could have used another medium to say it’s not true without her coming out in person to speak.

“She has lost a golden opportunity of drawing buzz and traffic and attention to her show when next she hosts because I would have heard the rumour even though I have another media platform and will claim that is not true and people shouldn’t listen. I would have fed the rumour until I come back,” Vida added.

McBrown has been absent from her show since the beginning of the year, triggering rumours she had given birth to twins. SOme also alleged that she had been sacked as host of United Showbiz.

The TV personality, however, said in a 21-minute video that the reports are untrue but failed to disclose why she has been absent.

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