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VIDEO Of How Members At Ajagurajah’s Church Rushed On ‘Nkran Dokono’ & Sardine

Bishop Abed Kwabena Boakye Asiamah aka Prophet Ajagurajah is a leader of Universal Spiritual Outreach popularly known as the Ajagurajah Movement in Ghana. His church is very popular because of the food he has been sharing at his church. Mostly, it is palm nut soup and fufu that he shares with his church members but yesterday he changed the diet to ‘Nkran Dokono’ and Sardine with pepper.

As many Ghanaians are aware, Ga kenkey (Nkran Dokono) is the favourite food of many Ghanaians across all tribes and it was the joy of the members of the Ajagurajah Movement. Watching the video carefully, you can see Prophet Ajagurajah and all his members standing beside a very big dining table in the church auditorium. The dining table contains hundreds of Nkran Dokono in bowls, sardines in other bowls, and pepper.

It appears you cannot sit down when it is dining time at Ajagurajah’s church. All the church members, both men and women were rushing on the food. How they were rushing on the food got some Ghanaians talking. They stated that these are young men and women who have the strength to work for their own daily bread but they are Ajagurajah’s church because of the food he shares every day.


Watch video below

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