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Video of single ladies crying to God for a husband goes viral

Supposedly, the “ men are proletariat” mantra only starts and ends on social media because in reality, utmost single ladies are in dire need of men to wed them.

A ridiculous yet serious videotape that has entered mixed responses from social media druggies shows a group of hopeless single ladies earnestly soliciting to God for misters.

The upset ladies can be heard singing their lungs out to God in the shot to get men to marry them because age is easily catching up with them.

Funny how numerous people run to God when they need commodity and also throw Him down formerly they get it I ’m sure God transferred men their way but bad station and classism won’t let them see them.

Below are some of the hilarious comments gathered under the video;

@Mis_silva – Lol. Cool though but I feel this is one of the reasons men misbehave ?. I can’t imagine a gathering of men singing “carry my wife de come my house” but every aboki with e kettle sha????????????????????

@Sheddy_Skills – Go to the next shiloh and see twitter woman that are leaving their best life praying fervently for a husband.

@Leoonezzer – Leave them, let them continue deceiving themselves, just give them some time they will start asking “where have all the good men gone?” After walking all over them years ago with their stilettos.


Watch the videotape below to know more …

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