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Video: Powerful Ghanaian Prophetess Boldly Speaks About Abena Korkor During Midnight Prayers

Abena Korkor is trending on all social media platforms as a result of her actions and posts on social media. Many people are talking about the consequences of her lifestyle in the days to come. One of the powerful Prophetess in Ghana who is Famously called Reverend Maame Gold, has reacted to the issues on social media which involves Abena Korkor.

The prophetess drops deep secret about the lifestyle of Abena Korkor when she was hosting her midnight online prayers on facebook. According to the Woman of God, she does not agree to the fact that, Abena Korkor is under the influence of Bipolar.

“There are certain spirit who will attack and harm you continuously untill you commits suicide. See the spirit Behind Abena Korkor’s life and you call it Bipolar?.

The spirit can led her to her grave because, she is constantly in pain and She does not get the necessary love she need. All that Abena Korkor is looking for is love. Not necessarily a love from a man but any form of affection. She always want someone to be close to her so that they can communicate. But see what the Spirit is doing in her life.

The devil have pushed her into a tight conner. Anytime she get a person who will stay with her, something unexpected will happen and they will break up.

Sometimes her attitude on social media does not come from her own will, but the will of the bad spirit. She want to stop but she cannot stop. The spirit want to lure her to commits suicide. The devil comes to steal, Kill and Destroy John 10:10“. – Prophetess stated.

Use the link to watch the video after the 1st One 20 minutes.

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