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Video: Taxi driver returns fishmonger’s ¢8k; Ghanaians want him rewarded for his integrity

The story of a taxi driver, who returned a passenger’s GH¢8,000 has been making rounds on social media.

According to reports, the passenger, a fishmonger, chartered the driver last Friday, May 6, and forgot her money in the cab.

But upon seeing the money in the car the following day, this good samaritan driver returned it to the woman in her house, where she dropped her off.

A video of the fishmonger and driver has since gone viral on Ghana’s social media, with many Ghanaians praising the cab driver for his good deed.

Some have also suggested that he be rewarded with some cash for his integrity.

A similar incident happened in Liberia in October 2021, where an 18-year-old motorcycle taxi rider found and returned $50,000 (£36,000) to a businesswoman who had lost the cash in the northeastern Nimba region.

The young lad was subsequently rewarded by the Liberian President, George Weah.

The motorcycle rider was also honoured as he became a national hero for his action.

See video of when the driver returned the cash to the victim below;

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