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‘We’re hungry’: Unemployed nurses demonstrate to demand immediate posting

Scores of unemployed nurses have hit the streets of Accra to demand immediate posting by the Health Ministry.

The nurses on Tuesday started their protest from the Independence Square through Ridge to the Health Ministry to present a petition.

They accused the Ministry of using a ‘backdoor approach’ in posting persons who completed school recently and leaving those who completed years ago, hence the protest to register their displeasure of being treated unfairly.

The nurses have promised not to leave the Ministry until their demands are met.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Samuel Mbura, the leader of the group urged the Ministry to be up and doing in their posting because they are “hungry.”

“Now we are begging for money from our grandmothers. Nurses don’t grow beard, but look at my beard, so how can a grown man like me be feeding from my mother, my grandmother. I have to beg before I eat,” he painted a picture on what he goes through to feed.

They also decried the system of posting.

“Why do the back door posting when you can do the right thing and post us. The backdoor posting is just becoming too much in this country, if you don’t have the means to pay the bribe and be posted, you will be home rotting,” another nurse told JoyNews.

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