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Why Nigerian men are more STRONGER in bed than Ghanaian men – Ghanaian lady explains

A Ghanaian lady has sparked a big debate on social media after citing that Nigerian men know how to knæk a lady than Ghanaian men.

According to the lady whose identity is yet to be known and has p[robbaly tried a Ghanaian man and a Nigerian was of the strict view that Ghanaian men are not as strong as their Nigerian counterparts.

This position by the young lady will definitely become one of those debates between the two countries aside from the Jollof, football, and music rivalry.

Per her definition, Ghanaian men aside from having soft pps’ also are not strong and she is a testament to what she was saying.

She, however, posited that not all Ghanaian men are weak in bed but a typical Ghanaian lady would always pick a Nigerian over a Ghanaian when it comes to performing in the bedroom.

Watch the video below;

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