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Wicked Herbalist Kills His Wife And Son After He Was Caught In An Affair With Another Woman

A 50 years old man has killed his 43 years old wife and his 14 years old son. Kwasi Tano is a hunter, palm wine tapper as well as a herbalist. About two weeks ago, he took a woman to her home claiming the woman was sick and was going to heal her with herbs.

Abena his wife, found out that the story was not true and the woman was her husband’s concubine. This resulted in several contentions between the couple. Residents testified that the man used to beat his wife up due to that. Out of anger, Kwasi Tano pulled out a gun and shot her wife to death. He again shot his 14 years old son, Robert to death.

His eldest son quickly took his 2 younger siblings and locked them up in a room. After hearing gunshots, residents rushed to the house but Kwasi Tano warned them not to enter the house or else he would shoot anyone who dares. He kept releasing gunshots even after the Police arrived.

After a while, nothing was heard again and the Police broke into the room and saw the woman and his son’s lifeless bodies. They saw that Kwasi Tano had also shot himself to death. Supt Stephen Tetteh of Adwumako Police station confirmed that the couple had been married for 18 years making this incident not easy to judge. Therefore investigations will continue to determine exactly what went on between the couple.


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