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You Arrest And Jail Those Who Steal Goat And You Leave Corrupt Politicians In Suit – Prophet Oduro

The leader and founder of Alabaster Chapel international, Prophet Kofi Oduro speaks about certain things going on in Ghana which must be prevented. Prophet Kofi Oduro made his words known when he was speaking on Okay FM today 18th May 2022.

According to Prophet Kofi Oduro, most Ghanaians are not truefull and the level of our integrity as a nation called Ghana is very low. It is clear Prophet Kofi Oduro is of the view that, Government including the police service are not willing to arrest certain kind of people who are causing damage to the public purse of Ghana.

According to Prophet Kofi Oduro, the police and the government are interested in arresting those who are stealing goats in the country but corrupt persons are left to walk about in the country without arrest let alone to be jailed.

” I have walked with a number of Chinese who visits this country. You can observe that most of them are honest and truefull; unless some notorious one’s who are into Galamzey in our forest. There is one woman by name Isha, who was supposed to be jailed. But Government allowed her to go free all in the name of loans. But interested to arrest goat thief’s.

Our leaders are interested in arresting and declaring jail sentence for those who steal goats in the country. Those in office who are causing more harm to the nation are not being arrested just like in the case of Isha”. – Prophet Kofi Oduro stated.

Prophet Kofi Oduro further urge his listeners and Ghanaians to turn from their evil ways to accept God as soon as possible.

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