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You can’t shut me down, my career transcends presidents – Johnnie Hughes tell Gov’t apparatchiks

TV3’s broadcaster and NewDay host, Mr Johnnie Beresford Hughes has warned persons within government seeking to shut him down from speaking the truth to authority that they will not be able to do so.

That he said was because his career as Journalists goes beyond such persons and even presidents including the current President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his government.

Mr Hughes who has been critical of government and all state actors through his Johnnie’s Bite programme on TV3 NewDay, said he is aware of plans to shut him down by some government apparatchiks, something he said will not hold waters.

“They discuss me at meetings, I know. The people in the meetings come and tell me and they say, let find people to shut him down and I say you cannot shut me down because my journalism career transcends you, it transcends the President, it transcends, President Kufour, John Mahama, President Mills, that how far I go”.

The renowned Journalist made the comment on NewDay on Wednesday, May 4 monitored by

He made the comment when he made a revelation that an official from government drove to TV3 premises at Adesa We, Kanda in Accra just to call him stupid.

Emotional Mr Hughes speaking on the day which coincided with this year’s World Press Freedom Day and also a day after Ghana was ranked 60th  from its 2021 30th position on the Reporters Without Borders, World Press Freedom Index said although, he very much know the person in question, he will not mention his name since he did what he did just to seek attention from the president.

“…..This is all I do, I am not a politician for somebody to come to TV3, signal me and rain insult on me and drove off to the Jubilee House. “I will not glorify him. He is an appointee of the government and I know that for a fact,” Mr Hughes said.

“Kabila I am suggesting to you that I know that those people are looking for the president’s attention, I, will not use my platform to glorify them. I know this for a fact,”he told the Former Acting General Secretary of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), James Kwabena Bomfeh, (Kabila.

Johnnie Hughes and Johnnie’s Bite

Mr Johnnie Hughes, a renowned broadcaster with Media General’s TV3 has become a force to contend with in the political space having been critical of the government through his Johnnies Bite episodes.

The 30minutes bite held from Monday to Friday on the NewDay programme seeks to keep government on its toes by reminding them of its promises to Ghanaians.

It also highlights challenges in various areas of the country including health, governance, education, livelihood, justice among many others.

The programme is one of the most watched and talked about in the country and has received praises from both persons in government and opposition.

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