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Your boyfriend is “Fucken” if he is not ready to invest into your music – A Plus tells Feli Nuna

United Showbiz on UTV which was hosted by actress Nicki Samonas yesterday witnessed a heated argument between Entertainment critic A Plus and Singer Feli Nuna.


During the Panel discussion, Feli Nuna who appeared on the show as a guest stated that, she has now gotten a new record label and an investor.


This prompted Bull Dog who was one of the panelist on the show to ask her about her relationship status which she publicly confirmed that she is in a relationship but she doesn’t want her boyfriend to get into her music business because that’s not part of his responsibilities although he does everything for her as a boyfriend.


This didn’t go do well with Kwame Asare Obeng well known as A Plus who suggested that, then she should allow the boyfriend to invest into her music if he has money but the singer still insisted that, her boyfriend doesn’t know anything about music therefore whenever she needs a record label or an investor she does everything by herself.


A Plus then again, asked that if the boyfriend is not willing to invest into her music and along the way she meets an investor who wants to have sexual affair with her she should accept the offer.

Tempers started rising then, Feli Nuna asked A Plus whether what he was saying makes sense to him or not this made him angry and he responded by saying, her boyfriend is “Fucken” if he has money and still not willing to invest into her career.



Feli Nuna quickly retaliated by saying the boyfriend once paid for her video shoot and besides the boyfriend is a poet and a research scientist which makes him more wiser and smarter than A Plus himself.



Feli Nuna is recently seen wearing or putting on towel as a form promoting her new released single titled “Towel”.




Credit: Crewblog.net

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